Many people wonder about getting lonely while traveling full time. Connie has always been an outgoing person and easily made new friends. Some of these friends became very close to her. On the other hand, Larry is a little reserved and never had close friends. While Larry was in the military, we had to make friends quickly, but also bid them farewell after only a few years. Sometimes, this was hard on Connie. Years later, she still keeps in contact with some of those close friends. But making friends wasn't difficult, as we all had something in common - the military.

The situation is very similar while traveling full time in our motorhome. RV'ers have much in common and are very approachable. It's a well known joke, which is actually true, that if an RV'er opens their hood or breaks out any tools, they'll have a group of people quickly approach them with an offer of help. We see this happen all the time. Another time honored tradition among RV'ers is happy hour (or social hour). This has nothing to do with alcohol, rather it's a time for neighbors to get together and visit. Connie loves this time of the day (around 4:00pm), and will invite our neighbors over to visit. Strangers we've never met soon become friends sharing stories and tips about life on the road. We recently hosted a social hour for a couple neighbors. One couple had numerous questions about solar power and Larry gave them a book on RV solar power that we no longer needed. They were very appreciative and returned the next day with a set of fine German made pocket knives for us. Other couples we've briefly met have invited us to stop by and see them during our travels. One couple we met in Australia offered us the use of their motorhome when we visited them in France.

Meeting and making new friends while traveling is very easy. It just takes someone to break the ice and say "Hello". Belonging to a RV club just makes it that much easier to meet new friends. To us, the Escapee RV Club is the best there is for people traveling full time. Although there's over 60,000 members, the club is still ran by the original RV'ers who started the club and their family. Besides all of the support services they provide, just seeing another RV with the Escapee decal makes it very easy to make a new friend. Escapees are well known for greeting each other with a hug. That's how friendly they are. Within the larger Escapee club, there are sub-groups of people with common interests. We belong to the FourWheelers and the Boomers sub groups (called Birds of a Feather, or BoF). The Boomers group is for active people from the Baby Boomer generation (loosely born from 1940 to 1960). This group is very active with over 500 members (couples). They get together all over the nation for free rallies (called Boomerangs). This is just another chance to meet new friends and see old ones again. Tons of events are held at these rallies, including 4WD trips, hiking, morning walks, kayaking, exercise classes, shopping trips, geocaching, sharing knowledge with each other, singing, dancing, and of course, social hours. We've made numerous friends in the Boomers and always look forward to seeing them again, somewhere down the road.


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