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​Just a quick update...

After we arrived at the Joint Base Charleston RV Park, SC, we visited downtown Charleston for a quick visit. We just walked around a historic area of Georgian row houses, avoiding people. Many of the row houses from the mid-1600's have been renovated. It was an interesting walk. But it was the next day that news on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the USA quickly got more serious. A couple days after our arrival, the campground closed to accepting new campers. Luckily, current campers are being allowed to stay. We decided to follow the guidelines on no unnecessary travel and are staying put. Currently, we can stay  here until May17th, but that can change (as all plans can). We're safe and secure on an USAF base, have full hook-ups, and the base commissary is open. We're staying home and catching up on computer work and a other chores to keep us occupied.

We're going to play it by ear for the upcoming months. We'll probably end up cancelling many of our campground reservations. I'm pretty sure going into Canada to visit the northeast provinces is now out. If the COVID-19 situation gets better within the next few months, we may still try to get to Washington DC, New York, and other states in the northeast. But for now, there's no traveling for us in the near future.

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Guest - Craig on Tuesday, 24 March 2020 15:44

Thanks for all you are doing to help the military RV community.

Thanks for all you are doing to help the military RV community.
Friday, 03 April 2020