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Playing Tourist in New Mexico, Part 1

Ft-Bayard-Officers-Row Fort Bayard Officers Row, circa 1910

While staying at the Pancho Villa State Park in New Mexico, we spent the last 12 days relaxing, working a bit on the computers, and playing tourists. One day, we had a few road-runners chasing each other for hours. I think the female was going to eventually loose that battle. The state park has a nice, small museum explaining what happened in March 1916 with the raid by Mexican General "Pancho" Villas irregulars. We visited the museum and learned more about this raid. It was the last major attack on U.S. Soil by a foreign nation. It was only 4 months after General Pershing returned from the "Punitive Expedition" that Pershing was sent to Europe for World War I. The lessons learned hunting Pancho Villa for 10 months were invaluable in Europe.

Since the state park is only a few miles from the US/Mexico border, we couldn't resist taking a trip out of country. Actually, we'd been there before and knew about the "Pink Store" in Puerto Palomas, MX. You can park for free at the border and walk across into Puerto Palomas. It's less than 1/2 mile to the main tourist store in town. We looked around at the souvenirs and had a wonderful combination lunch. We enjoyed lunch so much, that we returned on Valentines Day for a wonderful rib-eye chili con queso meal. Great meal! The Pink Store welcomes US tourists and provides the first drink on the house. Of course, we took advantage of the free cervazas and margaritas. <continued>

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