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An Aerial Video Tour of "Boomerville" 2016

An Aerial Video Tour of "Boomerville" 2016

"Boomers" are a sub-group of the Escapees RV Club. Each year, the Boomers get together in late January for their annual "Boomerang". They claim a corner of the desert near Quartzsite, AZ for two weeks for this annual rally. RV's of all types dry-camp (boondock) in Boomerville and enjoy numerous activities, seminars, movies, social events, and much more for two weeks.

This video was taken using a 3D Robotics Solo sUAS and highlights some of the over 150 RV's that attended Boomerville in January, 2016.

Escapees RV Club - http://www.escapees.com
3D Robotics - http://www.3dr.com
AeroShots - http://www.AeroShots.us

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