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New Website Blog!

Welcome to our new "Blog"! We've added blogging to the website that will allow us to better keep track of what we;'ve been doing, where we've been, and what adventures we've had. Since Facebook became very popular a few years ago, we haven't paid much attention to this website and it became a bit outdated. However, we're going to try and get this site fully operational again.

Part of our reason for getting the website updated is we're going to have a major change in our lifestyle next year. Normally, we stop traveling and work for 6 - 7 months over the summer. We've decided to take 2015 off from working and travel Alaska. So this blog will be the perfect medium to record our travels. I hope you'll enjoy this new format.


An Affair
July 2012 Travel Log

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Guest - Cindy on Monday, 25 August 2014 12:09

I like the new layout

I like the new layout :)
Sunday, 15 September 2019