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The Blog is Back!

Although we haven't been keeping this Blog active, we are still traveling full-time in our motor home. This blog isn't read much and has been replaced with "Facebook". Connie prefers to write her journal on Facebook.

For the past couple years, nothing special has happened with us. We still worked in Colorado during the summer for about 6-months, then spent the winter 6-months in strolling around the deserts of Arizona and California. The biggest issue was our 10KW generator stopped working during in February 2018. We had been having starting issues with it for years, but one morning, she just refused to start. The problem was very intermittent, making solving the issue difficult. It would start fine one day, then refuse to start the next. A month later, it would start for many days in a row, then wouldn't start at all for the next month.

After having a couple repair techs look at it, the generator is finally working again. It was as simple as a loose wire on the starter. But it took $850 of work to finally get someone to realize this!

Just last month, we had a water connection come apart. For a few days, we couldn't get water in the RV. After we left Dillon, Colorado from working this past summer, we stopped at a RV Repair place in Salt Lake City. I knew where the connection was that came apart, but it was behind a panel and I couldn't get to it. The repair perfromed a miracle and reconnected it with a new clamp, all while working in the blind! He attached the new clamp simply by touch, in a very cramped space. And it was only $105 to have it repaired! So the RV is working 100% again and we're ready for this winter of 2018-2019.

I guess the big news is, Connie and I won't be returning to work in Colorado for 2019. Actually, we're not going to be working anywhere. We've decided to not work next year and travel parts of the USA that we've neer been to. So we'll be pretending we're retired next year! We plan to travel across the northern portion of the USA from Seattle to Michigan. Then maybe head south. We don't have a timeline or definite plans. Just the way we like to travel!

Not working next year and traveling is the main reason I'll be starting this blog up again. Even if others don't read it, we use it as our historical record of where we've been. So if for nothing else, this blog is for us.
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Saturday, 19 January 2019

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