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January 2019 Expenses

ExpensesWhen we started researching the possiblity of traveling full time in an RV, I was concerned whether we could afford it. I apprecated reading other people's blogs that included any expense related items. It helped us plan accordingly and gave us a better idea of what to expect finanically while traveling. We learned that we had a good chance of surviving, provided we worked seasonal jobs.

To help educate others contemplating this lifestyle and concerned about finances, I kept and shared most of our expenses. At least I did for the first few years we were full-timing. To that extent, I'll try to start sharing some of our expenses again. These are most of the day-to day living expenses, which can be controlled. It doesn't include regularly scheduled expenses.

January 2019 Expenses

 Auto: Fuel

Dining Out



Motorhome: Camping

RV: Fuel

RV: Repairs


 $82.50  $189.50 $112.50 $414.50 $869.00  $95.00 $0 $638.00



  1. Camping fees included 2 weeks at RV Park in Apache Junction, AZ - $392.00
  2. Camping fees included 1 week reservations at Theodore Roosevelt NP in North Dakato for this summer - $49.00
  3. Camping fees included 1 week reservations at Aune Osborn CG in Michigan for this summer for 2 sites - $428.00
  4. Misc includes purchase of replacement 10-wheel Tire Monitoring System - $490.00
  5. Misc includes purchasing 2 new outdoor chairs and an outdoor recliner - $148.00
  6. Average Price for Diesel:  $2.68/gallon


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Biosphere 2, Arizona

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

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