Summer Job Ends

Our summer job working in the Inyo National Forest, CA has come to an end. We left Mammoth Lakes a couple days ago and made our way to Casa Grande, AZ. We'll be here for about a week, then move to Apache Junction, AZ for the next month.

After workamping every summer for the past 10 years, we're taking next summer off working full time to travel to Alaska. We've been working with California Land Management (CLM) for the past 8 years and will continue to work with them next year. However, we'll only be providing computer support while traveling. CLM was kind enough to let us take year 2015 off to travel. We'll have summer jobs waiting for us again in 2016. We just don't know exactly where.

Our past 10 years of workampng has included:

Not working in a fixed location for over 18 months is going to be different. But I'm sure we'll quickly get used to it. Besides, we'll be busy providing computer support to CLM for their website, email, eNewsletters, and camp host program. While traveling this winter and next summer, we'll be making it a point to visit many U.S. Military Campgrounds to update and improve our U.S. Military Campgrounds and RV Parks website and Directory software.