I just realized we didn't update you with the rodent attack.

We found out it was a squirrel that had done all the damage to the heater. We had seen and heard this squirrel around the motor home, jumping from the tree onto the roof running across, jumping onto the awning into another tree, dropping his pine cones from the trees and hitting the motor home, you know, being a real pain. We suspected that this squirrel was the culprit but didn't know how he was getting in. We put out sachets of natural deterrent in the bays, placed peppermint cotton balls around in the inside, things we had heard may work to keep him away, but didn't. Larry disconnected our sewer hose, as the steel wool that he was placing around the neck into the motor home kept being pulled out, so that was an indication that may have been the access point.

Then it happened, we could hear him in the heater vent very loudly. While I was looking in the direction of the noise and Larry was looking with a flashlight I saw movement inside the house! All of a sudden the squirrel came running from the bedroom through the living room flying onto the front screen bouncing off the walls as we were trying to chase him out. I opened all the window screens and the door to try to shoo him out. I'm not sure which outlet he took but he was gone.

Two days later it happened again. We were a little more prepared. When the squirrel came running out again, Larry closed the back door I ran and opened the front door and the squirrel went flying out the door. This had to stop! One day Larry heard him running in the vent, he could follow the noise, running up by the kitchen, through the bathroom, up one vent in the bedroom, in the heater register, down the other vent then out. This went on for another week, we finally figured it out, he was using us as a Habitrail! Since we were not in the market for a pet, again this had to stop!

Off to the hardware store we went. We found the trap we thought would work, now where to put it. Larry took the cover off of the heater area again, no room there, so he went to the wet bay. With both sides opened Larry could see light. The squirrel got into the wet bay, chewed through the foam insulation into the heater bay, chewed through the heater vents (and wires) and was just running around and having a good ole time.

Larry set the trap in the wet bay and closed everything up. The next day checked the trap and let's say, we are now squirrel pet free! It has been a week since this all happened and none of his friends have been by and we reconnected the sewer hose. Life is good. BTW, squirrel trap for sale!