Once I added the suspension lift, I knew the drivetrain needed modified. The 2" transfer case lowering defeats part of the purpose of the lift, so here's the modifications made to the drivetrain:


JB Conversion's Heavy Duty Yoke Kit - After adding the lift, I had some slight vibrations. The NP31 transfer case is good, but the factory slip yoke and the shaft are it's weak point. There's a few companies that make good Slip Yoke Eliminator kits. The Advanced Adapter and the JBC kits received good reviews in a recent magazine article and were equally rated as the top of the line. They both include a new heavy duty shaft replacement. I had decided on the Advanced Adapter SYE. But I got the JBC kit for about $125 less than the AA kit.

I had this kit installed by a local Offroad shop. They did a good job, but installed the speedometer gear 180° off. No problem to fix this. They also installed the new rear CV drive shaft.

With this kit and the CV drive shaft, all vibrations are now gone. Another side effect of the lift and transmission lowering kit, was the gear shifter was also lowered. This made shifting into 2nd and 5th gears a little difficult. By bringing the transmission back up, it eliminated the shifting problem and regained those 2" of ground clearance.



CV Drive Shaft - The new HD Yoke Kit provides about an additional 6" in length for the rear drive shaft. This helps eliminate the vibrations. I ordered a CV drive shaft, which eliminated all vibrations. The CV shaft requires the pinion angle to be equal with the shaft. I had installed adjustable upper control arms as part of the RE lift, which made it an easy task of changing the front and rear pinion angles. This CV shaft was custom made by Dave's Driveshafts in Phoenix.


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