Happy New Year 2006!

When we bought this motorhome, it had a convection/microwave oven, not a standard gas oven. We thought with us boondocking as much as we like to, it would be a good thing to have the gas oven; but we really didn’t want to give up the 3 drawers we have now for storage. So we thought we would give it a year to see if we would miss not having a gas oven.

In our experience this last year we have not missed it. It has taken getting used to cooking with the convection oven, but we’ve managed to make adjustments. I like to cook. I like altering recipes or creating a “concoction”. Therefore, my kitchen is important to me. Before we went fulltiming you would have thought cookbook collecting was one of my hobbies. Larry was a little concerned when it was to come time to “whittle” down my collection. We were both surprised to what I actually kept, it all fit into one medium Rubbermaid container. I should still go through it again since I have probably only gotten into that container maybe once or twice.

My new love, since we have been fulltiming, is the Food Network. I love watching the show and then being able to go to the website to download the recipe I just saw made, or to look for a recipe I want to make. I have a cookbook at my fingertips for this reason is why I haven’t needed to dive into the basement to dig out my cookbooks.

Another thing I had to watch how much I brought along, were my spices. I shopped a lot at Sam’s Club so I had a lot of my spices in almost a year (+) supply. I reduced this by placing the spices in a Ziploc bag, either sandwich or snack size, and gave the rest away. You can carry a lot more spices in a Ziploc than keeping them in their original containers. Also buying your spices in the bulk food section is better too. Buying in smaller quantity keeps your spices fresher.

I did give up a lot of my kitchen gadgets but one way to keep many that I did was to put them into a utility caddy that I got from Pampered Chef. This I keep on top of my counter all the time with the non-skid material underneath it.

I thought keeping just my immersion blender would take the place of my regular liquid blender and my stand mixer but I was wrong. Though I really haven’t had a need for a liquid blender (on the rocks is fine with me) I did miss the mixer of which I bought a nice hand mixer new at Wal-Mart for $16. Best hand mixer I’ve ever had.

We used to joke that before we went fulltiming that whenever we went out on a weekend trip in the RV we would eat better in the rig than we did at home. This is because I like to cook and I had time to do it. You don’t need a million pots and pans to cook a very nice meal, and there’s nothing wrong with some boxed side dishes to save storage space.

Kitchen space was important to us when buying our rig or any other home we have bought. To me the kitchen is the heart of our home, where meals are made with love to share. Here’s hoping that some day we can make a meal or two for you…..




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